About Sphynx Cats: They are unique cats with lots of personality.  They love to chase toys, play with strings and cuddle with their family. They will greet you when you get home and sit on your lap when you need some loving time. Sphynx cats are hairless so they are sensitive to both the cold and the heat, they love to be dressed up in sweaters to stay warm.  They prefer stay indoors to hang out with the family. These cats will need regular baths because oil may build up on their skin.  Give Christi a call and she can tell you all about how neat Sphynx kittens and cats are. 208-880-eight seven six nine

Snake River Devon Rex

​​Cute, Curley, & Cuddley Cats and Kittens


​Sphynx kittns and cats are a great as a member of the family.  They are very social cats with outgoing personalities.  They let you know what they want! They love to cuddle and are children friendly. 

Take a look at our two boys who are neutered and ready to find a forever home!