Cute, Curley, & Cuddley Cats and Kittens


We will require an application/purchase agreement for all potential kitten owners. 

Christi Herrera is passionate about this breed.  She loves this quirky, funny, and delightful cat.  It is a perfect match for her as well 


After the approval is granted, we will require a non refundable deposit to hold your kitten until it is personally picked up or we deliver the baby to your home.  


All kittens are first come first picked basis.

how to home a devon rex

Ronda Gibbons
Longtime Irish Wolfhound Breeder

Caring for a new kitten is not difficult, as you ease them into their new family setting!


Our kittens are raised in our home and we spend much time conditioning them to thrive in happy living environments,  All of our kittens are familiar with our dogs and they love their canine friends.  

The Devon Rex likes to have companions when you are not home.  Other cats, dogs, ferrets, or any little friend suits a Devon Rex.  


What to expect

Snake River Devon Rex