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All of our cats and kittens come from either CFA or TICA or both associations. They are cute, curly, and outgoing. We are located near the joining of the Snake and Boise rivers in Idaho. Our home and cattery is in the country on 10 acres with cows, goats, dogs and of course our little monkeys (the Devons). It's  like going to the zoo for free! You will never take a shower or eat alone again.

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Adorable Devon Rex cats and kittens have characters like a cross between a cat, a dog, and a monkey.  They are delightfully silly in both appearance and antics.  

We are here to help all of our Devon Rex Cat owners get the most out our their cats and kittens, fulfilling a positive Devon Rex relationship with an outstanding feline breed. 

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For Devon Rex cat profile, log on to http://www.cfa.org to learn more about Rex cats and kittens.

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The Devon Rex Cat is a food hound - and it will never turn down a meal. For good health, Rex cats and kittens should not eat human food.  Don't let their expression get the better of you - they act as if they have not had a meal in weeks.



Keeping your Devon Rex cats and kittens indoors is key. Providing them acceptable surfaces, like scratching posts to suit their natural scratching behavior. 

Christi and Clyde''s"Rexes" is a small cattery of cats and kittens, with huge purršŸ±sonality! 

Snake River Devon Rex



The Devon Rex Cat has huge ears, a coat that can range from a wild curly to soft suede, with long skinny necks, and animated expressions. 

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Cute, Curley, & Cuddley Cats and Kittens

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Take the time to research the particular  Devon Rex Cat attributes of this special feline breed.  A recommended source for superior cats and kittens information is the Cat Fanciers Association.